Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a collection of topics that are asked about a lot.


• What is Cereal Soup?

• Why are you guys so informal/unprofessional?

• Will you post your code / Will CS ever go open source?

• What happens to contributions made by players/staff/former staff?

• Is this game affliated with other similar animal mmos?

• What is a premium membership and how do I get one?

• What is a preset and how do I get one?

• Where does my money go?

• What other content is planned (maps, species, items...)?

• Who gets to play as other species?

• How do I use the locked things?

• Why doesn't this button work in game?

• How do I get rid of fleas?

• What are these custom player models I see?

• Will there be hunting?

• Will there be hunger and thirst?

• Can we make private maps?

• What are special traits? (Gigantism, Dwarfism)

General Questions

"What is Cereal Soup?"
In 2013, Cereal Soup was only an idea- an MMO animal game with deep customization, lore, and animal-oriented game play and interaction. Production actually began in late 2014, and a few playable demos were released sparsely. On February 14th in 2015, the game was officially released to be played with only the Suricate available. Cereal Soup is made with the Unity Engine, each playable animal model created and animated by the developers. It is in Alpha, and we accept critique to continually improve the game. As a service, Cereal Soup will never be completed or 'finished'. It will continually be updated with new and exciting content.

"Why are you guys so informal/unprofessional?"
We treat our users with the same kind of respect that we would like to be treated with. We want to be a part of a game community that talks to its users and cares about what they have to say- no matter how minor they may feel it is. For that reason, we are very lax and hope to create a comfortable and friendly environment. Should you see staff in game, you should feel comfortable to talk and play with them!

"Will you post your code / Will CS ever go open source?"
CS's structure as is is hard-coded, very few parts of it would be difficult if not impossible to alter without extensive coding knowledge- it was never intended to be open source. Blackmailchan has also worked far too hard to release it in it's entirety. We hope in the future to better incorporate options for customization and modifications that players can make and then share with the community.

"What happens to contributions made by players/staff/former staff?"
Click here for information.

"Is this game affliated with other similar animal mmos? "
No. Cereal Soup is it's own enitity with no affliation with any other projects. Everything was programmed by Blackmailchan, and assets were either purchased or created by the design team. We hope to affiliate with other great animal projects, but we have yet to find a suitable affiliate to share our playerbase with.

"What is a premium membership and how do I get one?" "
A premium membership can be bought for $20 or can be won by entering a contest. By recieving one you will recieve:

• Ability to use colored text in the chat box
• Ability to make or upgrade to premium-tribes
• Instant access to all premium species
• Custom 150 x 150 mini portrait for bios.

For $10 more you can purchase Premium Plus and recieve a preset slot along with your Premium.

"What is a preset and how do I get one?" "
A preset is a custom skin for your character! To get a your own preset in-game you need to buy a preset slot for $20, or can be won by entering a contest. After getting the slot you need to either make the preset yourself or commission someone else to do it. Once the preset has been made it will need to be submitted to Blackmailchan. You can find instructions for how to submit your files in the Preset Masterpost.

There are presets that you can buy with arrows from the in-game marketplace! You can also view other player's presets there too: [example]

To purchase the slot you will need to contact Blackmailchan: [x].

For more information check out these threads:

Preset Masterpost
How To Make a Preset
Preset Announcement

"Where does my money go?" "
A percentage of the funds recieved from premium purchases will go to the charity of our choice via Helping Paws. Most will go towards paying for upkeep on our servers, our premium payments towards keeping the account database big and fast, and high-quality assets- such as textures and environmental models. Anything significantly left over after this that isn't going to a charity, we would keep.

Game-Related Questions

"What other content is planned (maps, species, items...)?"
Maps - Check out the World page on the website under Lore. We have many areas and biomes to explore in the future.

Species - Currently there are four species: Suri, Felis, Canis and Raptor. The rest of the species are a secret and you need to wait to see! As for the Raptor release date, that is still undecided. We need to smooth out the rest of the bugs. There's no sense adding a whole entire new species when the game isn't ready for it.

Items - Release date is undecided. However, items fall into three main categories: Resource, Equipment and Food. Resource items are used to craft equipment, and resource items are as simple as sticks and leaves or as complex as lion heads and claws. Unless you trade with someone else, the only way to get a hold of these things is to find them yourself.

"Who gets to play as other species?"
The main four species are free for all players but must be unlocked via sniffing skulls to unlock them. Currently the raptor is not in-game yet, but Canis, Felis and Suri are! Our earliest game members (Who joined pre- 1.1.0) will get first access to the raptor, everyone else will have to earn it. The next revealed species may or may not be premium only and will require money to play.

"How do I use the locked things?"
Currently the way to unlock things is to find certain objects in the maps then pressing 'E' to sniff them.

"Why doesn't this button work in game? "
There are some buttons in-game that do not have a use just yet! They are there to serve as placeholders for now.

"What are these custom player models I see? "
These custom player models are the staff's personal characters. They will not be released for public use. Think of them as payment for working hard to make Cereal Soup better!

"Will there be hunting?"
Hunting will be possible! You can hunt prey animals specific to each map and biome, and in dangerous areas, you can also hunt other players. Current hunting mechanics involve stealth, sneaking up to prey without being detected, using stamina and powerful moves to kill prey, the ability to hold prey in place to prevent those pesky runners from getting away, and the use of magic to become even more powerful on your own. Prey will be hard to catch, so working with a team will be reccommended. We will give you the tools to mark locations on the mini-map amongst your tribe, so that planning for the kill is easier than ever!

"Will there be hunger and thirst? "
Both hunger and thirst are being worked on! They will not have any negative effects if you are hungry or thirsty. Instead you will get a boost if you keep your character full and quinched! This way you if you do not want to use this feature, you will recieve no negative consquences.

"Can we make our own private maps/ Get a map maker? "
Cereal Soup will not have private maps. All areas in the game will public and officially made. However, when tribes can own territories, these territories can be customized later on with structures of your choice. You'll be able to make a home most anywhere.

"What are special traits? (Gigantism, Dwarfism)"
As of 7/3/17, there are two traits that can be acquired in-game: Gigantism or Dwarfism. Gigantism will make your character be larger than the max size limit. Dwarfism will make your character be smaller than the minumum size limit. If you are luckly enough to get either trait please screenshot the entire screen in case something goes wrong. We cannot give you either trait without proof that you were legitmately awarded it!